Gondola Train Shelf Moving Systems

Gondola Train™ - Providing Mobility Solutions with the shelf moving systems for retail gondola shelving units and the skate movers for large retail and office equipment on all types of flooring.

Move as little as one row of fully loaded shelving or a complete store simultaneously with no missing bin tags or damaged merchandise. The Gondola Train™ moving systems have saved companies thousands of dollars in lost sales, labor expenses and damaged goods. Our gondola moving equipment quickly and easily moves store shelving by Lozier, Madix, Ontario, Streater, Childs, Kent, LA Darling, Syndicate and others.

Gondola Train™ also has speed skate systems for moving display and sales counters, commercial refrigeration units, and other in-store fixtures. Office equipment such as safes, file cabinets, furniturepartitions and office equipment can be quickly and easily moved with our Pac Rat Gold Heavy Duty Speed Skate, our Pac Rat Silver Speed Skate and our Glide Slide sleds or discs.

Gondola Train™ is Lozier Shelving tested and approved!

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