Original Gondola Train Roller

  • Move Solid Base style gondola shelving
  • Works on tile, wood and commercial carpet
  • Non-marring high impact glass-filled roller bearing wheels
  • 2-piece design
  • Merchandise stays on shelves during move
  • Move 28' shelving in 10 minutes
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Original Gondola Train Roller

Pac Rat Speed Skates

  • Compact design for ease of portability
  • Heavy duty transfers for greater weight distribution
  • Low profile for minimum required lift
  • Unlimited applications
  • Move furniture and fixtures on tile, cement and commercial carpet
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Pac Rat Systems - Gold, Silver and Mighty Mouse

Link 4 Mover

Link 4 Gondola Moving Equipment

  • Easy assembly and operation
  • The modular system requires less storage in your warehouse.
  • Lift arms with fingers are available for various fixture brands.
  • Move unlimited feet of gondola shelving
  • Specifically designed to lift heavy shelving
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Link 4 Gondola Mover

Blue Streak Speed Skate

  • Move H-Style 2 3/4″ gondola shelving
  • Works on tile, wood and commercial carpet
  • Rollers lock onto gondola feet for stability
  • Simple 3-piece design
  • 1/4″ Heavy duty steel construction
  • Move attached end caps
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Blue Streak Speed Skate

Pallet Rack Lifter

  • Minimal people required to assemble and operate
  • Multi-level mounting locations on Leg Saddle mounting tube
  • Rated lift capacity 5000#
  • Moves loaded shelving
  • Outrigger legs for added stability
Pallet Rack Lifter Wow VideoPallet Rack Lifter
Pallet Rack Lifter - PRL 5000