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Move H-Style Shelving With the Help of Blue Streak Speed Skates

A close up shot of a installed Gondola Train Speed Skate.

The Blue Streak Speed Skates are the best solution for moving H-Style 2 ¾” gondola shelving. This moving system is the most efficient and safe shelf mover with benefits like:

  • 3 simple steps to mobility
  • Works on tile, wood, cement, and commercial carpet
  • Non-Marring, high impact glass-filled roller bearing wheels

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What Are Our Customers Saying?

Our customer Mikel from Real Canadian Superstore found great efficiency and partnership in the Gondola Train speed skates.

“The speed skates we rented easily saved us 3-4 days of work. We were able to move approximately 124 feet of Gondolas in 2 days. The speed skates we used meant we didn’t have to remove any product from the shelf. I would highly recommend these items if you need to relocate Gondolas in your store!” – Mikel Webber, Assistant Manager.

Learn More About the Blue Streak Speed Skates

Ready to save time and money?

A women moving a retail shelf.

The thought of moving your fixtures can seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before. One of the most common worries going into projects like this is having to shut down a store, costing companies’ business. However, our Gondola Train movers can help move your store shelving smoothly and quickly.

How Involved is the Labor?

The Gondola Train Original Roller is perfect for moving Solid Base Style gondola shelving during a renovation, retail remodeling project, flooring project, or simply re-arranging for your customers.

Moving store shelving with the Gondola Train Rollers can save you days or months of time depending on the scale of your project. With this mover, merchandise can stay on the shelf while being moved to save your team time to take everything off shelves and put it all back after the move is completed. Using the Gondola Train Roller moving system requires two simple steps. Our customers efficiently move their shelves with the help of these added benefits:

  • Simple 2-piece design
  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Works on tile, wood, and commercial carpet
  • Non-marring high impact glass-filled roller bearing wheels

Costs of Moving Store Fixtures

Gondola Train has moving systems for rent or purchase. No matter which investment you go with, Gondola Train will save you money and help keep your project within your estimated budget without needing to shut down your store for more than a day.

Our cost and labor savings chart estimates the labor cost for re-setting an entire 10,000 SQ. FT. store. The comparison is based off the same number of employees and hourly wage with or without Gondola Train. What’s the key takeaway? Without Gondola train this move would take 10 days to complete, skyrocketing your total cost to more than $5,000. With one day of commitment the help of Gondola Train, the totally cost of this project would be $960.

What Our Customers Have to Say

James Stueber, JR of Park Falls True Value partnered with us for his remodel process saying, “Having the Gondola Train simplified our remodel process from Ace to True Value.  Having the ability to do the fixture moving ourselves saved us tons of money and time!  I’d recommend this product to any retailer I encounter in the future!”

Interested in partnering with Gondola Train for your project? Our moving experts will help you figure out exactly what you need to make your big move. Contact Us Today!

What is the optimum time that should elapse between refresh or remodels?

Retail Store Remodeling Considerations

The layout, look, and feel of your store says a lot about who you are as a business. Every customer that comes into your business presents an opportunity to make a great first impression with their experience or maintain the experience that keeps them coming back to you. It’s important to recognize when your store needs a refresh so you can maintain a great experience and provide your customers with value.

What Is the Optimum Time That Should Elapse Between Refresh or Remodels? 

Retailers should plan on refreshing high-traffic areas every three years before visitors notice the environment looking shabby. They should also plan on remodeling their locations every five to seven years. Some retailers, especially those involved with technologies, will typically experience several rollout projects each year through such things as fixture installations, kiosk relocations, and display case installation. If you’re thinking of undergoing a refresh or remodel to your retail space but aren’t sure where to start, here are some considerations to get you started!

What Is the Purpose?

If you’ve been wondering when the right time to remodel your store is, there is a good chance some things have caught your eye. It’s important to identify why you are going to remodel. Store spaces often get damaged and worn down every few years from traffic and everyday activities. Will you be doing cosmetic changes like fresh paint or updating your store fixtures and shelving? Or will you be doing a total remodel? Before starting the process, you might consider creating a written plan that includes your store floor plan, details of the priority fixes, a timeline, and budget.

What is the Scope?

Getting a written plan together may help you realize just how much work will need to go into the project. It’s not uncommon for store owners to start projects not realizing the scope which can sometimes lead to delays or unexpected costs. To have a successful remodel, it’s important to make sure your project is realistic, aligns with your timeline for the project, and is within your budget. Seeing the full picture can then help you adjust any of these elements if they are out of scope so your project can remain manageable for you and your staff.

Let Gondola Train Help

Are you in need of experts to partner with you during your retail store remodeling project? With more than 23 years of experience in the field, Gondola Train has partnered with some of the most powerful retailers in the world while they renovated and remodeled their stores. From our equipment movers to our speed skates, we have solutions to help your remodeling project go smoothly! Our team of experts is here to help you every step of the way and answer any questions you might have.

Contact us today and find out how Gondola Train’s Moving Systems can assist in your next remodel project by being more efficient and less time.

Global Shop 2019

¡Visite Gondola Train en el stand n.o 5127 durante su paso por GlobalShop!  ¡Vea todos nuestros equipos en acción!

¡Averigüe cómo podemos ayudarlo a ahorrar tiempo, reducir costos y mantener la mano de obra bajo control!

Global Shop 2019

Del 25 al 27 de junio de 2019

McCormick Place, Chicago

Convención de FCICA 2019

Los invitamos a acompañar a Gondola Train y FCICA para la Feria de Pisos Comerciales y 37.a Convención Anual  ¡Gondola Train está preparando las maletas y aprontándose para viajar a destinos más cálidos!  ¡La semana que viene, Gondola Train asistirá a la Convención de FCICA 2019!  ¡No olvide darse una vuelta por el stand n.o 19 para averiguar cómo Gondola Train puede ayudarlo a ahorrar tiempo y dinero!

¿Está listo para ahorrar tiempo y dinero?

¿Listo para ahorrar tiempo y dinero?

Mire lo que dijo James sobre nuestras barras con ruedas originales de Gondola Train.

“Tener a Gondola Train simplificó nuestro proceso de remodelación de Ace a True Value.  ¡Poder hacer el traslado de los artefactos nosotros mismos nos ahorró un montón de tiempo y de dinero!  ¡Recomendaría este producto a cualquier comerciante minorista con quien me encuentre en el futuro!”

James Stueber, JR

Park Falls True Value

¡Gondola Train crece y se expande!

Lo invitamos a leer este excelente artículo sobre el crecimiento de nuestro programa de exportación. Queremos agradecer a @WMEP_News y a #ExporTech por todas las maravillosas oportunidades y programas que nos han presentado. ¡La red de contactos y el asesoramiento especializado a los que hemos tenido acceso a través de #ExporTech han superado con creces nuestras expectativas!
¡Estamos verdaderamente agradecidos con todos quienes estuvieron involucrados en un programa de tanta excelencia!
Gracias –
El equipo de Gondola Train

¡El accesorio perfecto!

Sistemas de deslizadores de velocidad para estanterías Gondola Train

¡Los deslizadores de velocidad de Gondola Train son el accesorio perfecto para su próximo proyecto!  ¡Son la herramienta universal de perfil bajo que todo el mundo necesita en su caja de herramientas!

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