Parts Included In Your Moving Kit

The red Gondola Train Lift Jack.

Lift Jack

Jack used to lift fixtures.

The yellow Gondola Train Splined Lift Arm.

​Splined Lift Arms

Connects to the Lift Jacks and Lift Fingers.

The grey Gondola Train Lift Fingers.

​Lift Fingers

Connects to the Link 4 Lift Arms and engages with the fixture. A variety of styles are available to fit multiple brands of shelving.

A cut-out of the Gondola Train yellow push handle.

​Push Handles

Push Handles are used to guide the fixture while moving.

*Required on Aurora version of Link 4.

The yellow Gondola Train connecting beam.

​Connecting Beams

Connects to the Lift Arm and is used to help stabilize the unit.

The red Gondola Train Base Lifter.

​Base Lifters

Supports loaded base decks.

A red Gondola Train Link 4 storage box.

​Portable Job Box

The Portable Job Box is designed to securely pack the Link 4 system for shipping, storage, and ease of use on the job site.

Customer Testimonials

The Gondola Train link 4 system has made our life (maintenance) so much easier. We had to move all the shelves a block at a time to put in new carpet. The link 4 system made this possible without unloading all the books and dismantling all the shelves which would have made for a least 2 months work where the link 4 system cut the time in 2 weeks. I would strongly recommend to any library the Gondola Train link 4 system for moving your shelves.

Keith Richards – Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library