Parts Included In Your Moving Kit

The red Gondola Train pallet lift Jack.

Lift Jack

Jack used to lift fixtures.

The yellow Gondola Train saddle legs.

​Universal Leg Saddles

Bolts to the upright and lifts with the jack. The saddle is universal and is compatible with many brands of Pallet Rack Shelving.

A cut-out of the yellow Gondola Train stabilizer leg.

​Stabilizer (Outrigger) Leg

The outriggers leg will lessen the vertical tilt angles and make the fixture more stable.

​Portable Job Box

The Portable Job Box is designed to securely pack the PRM system for shipping, storage, and ease of use on the job site.

Customer Testimonials

We used the PRL5000 to rearrange our production floor to facilitate better workflow as part of a LEAN Manufacturing Project.  The system could not have performed better.  Our team was able to move the racks loaded with 1,000 of dies on them.  The system saved us so much time and labor costs since we did not have to empty and disassemble the racks to move them.  As we move forward with our projects throughout the rest of our facility, we will definitely be using the system again.

Joseph Sofinowski – Quality Manager @ Marking Systems, Inc