Parts Included In Your Moving Kit

U Roller Skate Moving System

​U Roller

Move heavy fixtures such as sales counters, safes, wood crates, refrigeration units and office furniture with the “U” Rollers. Two rollers may be connected with a 2×4 inserted into the U of the roller.

Yellow Jack handle.

​Universal Jack Handle

One-piece jack handle to lift your store fixture to the correct height so the U Rollers can be easily positioned under the unit.

Rollers Required

Please contact our office to determine the number of “U” Rollers needed for your fixture moving project. 1-888-400-5227

Customer Testimonials

I was facing a tight deadline. The task was to move five 24’ sections of gondola so we could install new carpet and reposition our shelves. This was a task that no one was looking forward to. Then I found the Gondola Train. After watching a quick video, we were now excited to get this project started. Before we found Gondola Train or only option was to remove all product and take down the shelves section by section and re-install. After a quick account set-up process our rental Gondola Train arrived at our location in 2 days. Gondola Train is very easy to use and saves a ton of time. Next time we need to move shelves, we’re hopping on the Gondola Train! CHOO! CHOO!

Brian Lindsey – Broadway Home Medical