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Gondola Train is growing and expanding!

Check out this excellent article about our growing export program. We want to thank the @WMEP_News and #ExporTech for all of the wonderful opportunities and programs that we have been presented to us.. The networking and expert advice that we have received through #ExporTech went above and beyond our expectations!
We are truly grateful to everyone involved in such an excellent program!
Thank You –
The Team Gondola Train

Gondola Train creates international export strategy

The Perfect Accessory!

Gondola Train Speed Skate System

Gondola Train Speed Skates are the perfect accessory to your upcoming project!  They are a low profile, universal tool that everyone needs in their tool-bag!

#GondolaTrain #MakeMovingEasy #Tools #Universal

Saving Time Saves Money

See what Brian @ Broadway Home Medical had to say about the Gondola Train and our Original Rollers saving him time!

“I was facing a tight deadline. The task was to move five 24’ sections of gondola so we could install new carpet and reposition our shelves. This was a task that no one was looking forward to. Then I found the Gondola Train. After watching a quick video, we were now excited to get this project started. Before we found Gondola Train or only option was to remove all product and take down the shelves section by section and re-install. After a quick account set-up process our rental Gondola Train arrived at our location in 2 days. Gondola Train is very easy to use and saves a ton of time. Next time we need to move shelves, we’re hopping on the Gondola Train! CHOO! CHOO!”

Brian Lindsey

Broadway Home Medical

Gondola Train Helps to Make the Move Easy!

We LOVE hearing from our customers!  Look what Jackie the manager from Hobby Town in Flowood, MS had to say about our systems:

I have been in retail for about 18 months and I have redesigned my store a thousand times.  Which involved breaking down every gondola and rebuilding.  So very time consuming and back breaking.  I recently redesigned my store with the help of Gondola Train. OMG!  What a life saver it was!  The gondola speed skates were very easy to use.  Saved me a lot of stress and time!  I would highly recommend Gondola Train.  They are so friendly and easy to deal with also it was worth every penny!

#GondolaTrain #MovingMadeEasy #Thankful #Testimonal

Look what Joe has to say about our Pallet Rack Mover!

We always love to hear how our systems work for you! Thanks Joe for sending over such a great review of our Pallet Rack Lifter!

“We used the PRL5000 to rearrange our production floor to facilitate better workflow as part of a LEAN Manufacturing Project.  The system could not have performed better.  Our team was able to move the racks loaded with 1,000 of dies on them.  The system saved us so much time and labor costs since we did not have to empty and disassemble the racks to move them.  As we move forward with our projects throughout the rest of our facility, we will definitely be using the system again.”

#GondolaTrain #PRL5000 #MovingMadeEasy #SaveTime #LEAN

Tip of the Day!

When lifting gondola Shelves; ALWAYS lift the heavy side first and lower the heavy side last.

**Heavy Side Up First – Heavy Side Down Last**

The Gondola Train Team

Original Gondola Train Roller

The team here at Gondola Train is always growing, changing, and learning! It’s an exciting time to be part of Team Gondola!

Gondola Train is Global!

Did you know that Gondola Train can ship Internationally?

At Gondola Train we take great pride in our customer service and logistics team.  We make sure the equipment that you need to move your fixtures quickly and safely is on the job site ready to roll when you request it.  No matter what system you are looking at; our Original Rollers, Link 4, Blue Streak or Pac Rats we will make sure you have the equipment when you need it and where you need it.  We move on your timeline!





We provide World Class shipping to any worldwide destination!