HobbyTown rode the Gondola Train, and so can you!

Using the Pac Rat Gold Speed SkateBy: Mark Hampton, HobbyTown, Franchise Business Advisor

If considering a store expansion, fixture realignment or floor surface replacement, you should view this: Pac Rat Gold Streak Video . Gondola Train provides “Mobility Solutions”to save time and money. Relocate any store fixture brand without shifting merchandise or disassembling equipment, on concrete, tile or carpet surfaces. Gondola Train’s patented Pac Rat Gold Streak speed skate, allows re-positioning of fixture runs completely intact!

As validation, here’s what Eric Jones of HobbyTown Kansas City had to say after employing one!

“I was at first weighting the cost of the Gondola Train versus how much easier I was told it would help things “move” along. With all the other expenses of a remodel I was just not sure about it. I decided to give it a shot. I figured with all the other stuff I had going on, if it would make things go smoother, I should try it. Best decision I could have made! I would not do any work like that in the future without the Gondola Train. So easy to use! If you are doing a major project in your store, call Gondola train, your back will be glad you did!”

Eric Jones, Hobbytown USA, Kansas City, MO