Hear From Our Customers

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your service and outstanding product. We were in the process of updating our retail store and with it a new floor. A contractor recommended I check out your website for the product to move our gondola counters. I looked at the website with easy to follow videos and thought this might just work. I called and talked with Mindy who was very helpful in getting what I needed. I will admit, I was a little skeptical on how this was going to work. I was pleasantly surprised to find the Gondola Train to work as advertised. I moved four sixteen foot counters and four eight foot counters in less than three hours. After two weeks of remodeling, the counters were put back into place. The Gondola Train saved me at least two weeks of product removal and counter dismantling. Thank you Gondola Train

Mike Matley – NASCO

I have been in retail for about 18 months and I have redesigned my store a thousand times.  Which involved breaking down every gondola and rebuilding.  So very time consuming and back breaking.  I recently redesigned my store with the help of Gondola Train. OMG!  What a life saver it was!  The gondola speed skates were very easy to use.  Saved me a lot of stress and time!  I would highly recommend Gondola Train.  They are so friendly and easy to deal with also it was worth every penny!

Jackie – HobbyTown Flowood, MS

I was facing a tight deadline. The task was to move five 24’ sections of gondola so we could install new carpet and reposition our shelves. This was a task that no one was looking forward to. Then I found the Gondola Train. After watching a quick video, we were now excited to get this project started. Before we found Gondola Train or only option was to remove all product and take down the shelves section by section and re-install. After a quick account set-up process our rental Gondola Train arrived at our location in 2 days. Gondola Train is very easy to use and saves a ton of time. Next time we need to move shelves, we’re hopping on the Gondola Train! CHOO! CHOO!

Brian Lindsey – Broadway Home Medical

This was first time I used [Gondola Train]. They made a world of difference. Very nice to work with.

Jeff – ECI Construction

The Gondola Train was an invaluable tool and cut our move time easily in half! We are a multi branch operation and I have told our corporate office that if any other branch needs to rearrange, that they should definitely use your services. Thank you for all your help.

Dean Passaro, Branch Manager – Security Plbg & Htg Supply

I think what your company does is very cool and the cost is right in line. Thank you.

David Horn – Core Installations

We had an opportunity to use another type of gondola mover during another remodel. Although it did the job, it was cumbersome to handle and very time consuming to set up and take down. This is not the case with the Gondola Train. Because of the ease of setup of Walsh’s Gondola Train™, we have saved many man hours!

Bill Marik – Ace Hardware Round Lake Home Center

The Gondola Train™ enabled us to make the move in less than 1/4 the time. Also, we were able to make sales during the move.

Lee Nelson – Bluestem Farm & Ranch Supply

We had to put down a new flooring system in a 50+ year old building. We decided to use the Gondola Train. We were very concerned about the amount of labor that was going to be needed to reset all the product in a short time span. With the Gondola Train, very little resetting was needed. With a little prep time, it was a great experience. We reset 1200sqft of flooring and all product back in place in 2-1/2 days (flooring done at night). Thank you Gondola Train!

William Swartz III, VP/Store Manager – Robinson Hardware